Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey All

Just a little friendly reminder that my BIRTHDAY is coming up ...
and for my BIRTHDAY present, I would love it if you could help me raise some funds for the Longtom. I need to raise at least 75 bucks if I want to enter the race, and it'd be really embarrassing if I wasn't allowed to run on my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

To help me not look like a big DORK:
- Go to
- Click on the "Donate" photo
- Donate!
- Make sure that my name, "MEGAN CLAPP" is in the box asking for the runner's name.

Come on, guys! You don't want me to look like a fool out there, right? Right?!?!?!


Texasuncle said...

Got you covered niece. emailed my donation tonight. Run fast and remember you are always in our thoughts and prayers Happy birthday. Love from Texas.

Megan said...

aw, uncle allen
you've been entirely too good to me this whole time.
I am going to send you a giraffe for all of your efforts.