Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trains, Planes and Babies.

I'm in Cape Town. What a wonderful city- it has captured my heart.

I took a train from Kimberly. Upon entering the station, there was a great commotion as I went to purchase my ticket. It turned out that a woman had abandoned her baby in a toilet on the train. I instinctively shied away from the center of the chaos, while others rushed toward it. People were calling dibs on the baby! "Give it to me."

Then, of course, I was approached by two men who asked me, "Don't you want a baby?" Saucer-eyed, I replied "NoooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooo!"

Confused, they inquired further. "Why don't you want a baby?"
I was in familiar territory here. I replied with my typical response about how I had too much that I wanted to do, and a baby was just far too much responsibility for me to handle at such a young age. They didn't seem to buy it, as no one here ever really does (besides a handful of people).

Babies are apparently pretty important. Who knew.

I remember one time when I was conducting an HIV and Women session with a group of homebased care workers. The issue of whether or not a woman with HIV should consider having a baby came up, and we discussed it. Eventually, in perhaps questionable judgment, I brought up that I may not even have children myself- or I might consider adoption- but having a baby myself isn't necessarily something that I desire at this point in my life. Incredulity filled the room. I was told that I was not a proper woman.
Well, duh.

Anyway, I turned down the chance of being a mother, yet again. The police were notified, and the baby was whisked away in the ambulance.

I lied in the title of this blog entry. No planes, sorry.


erin said...

seriously, though. have a baby.

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