Sunday, September 23, 2007

What is going on here

I just went outside to use the pit toilet just now, and as soon as I opened the door, I saw a donkey on my front step. I said to the donkey, "Donkey, what are you doing on my front step?" He did not answer, he only chewed. What he was chewing, I could only imagine (there is not a lot to chew around here.)
We exchanged glances, and he troddled off. That was the end of that adventure.

Still, I needed to go to the toilet.
Let me show you my pit toilet: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After using the toilet and then navigating my way back through the herd of cows, I made a brief stop in the main house of my host family to visit for a little bit.

I entered the living room and found a gathering of family/friends. Upon the sight of an apparently terrifying white devil-esque woman (me,) a small girl screamed and started crying. She continued to cry and hide in her mother's breast for the five minutes I was there. I am not going to lie, it made me laugh.
I left the room earlier than I anticipated- I didn't want to stress the poor girl out. Plus, it gave me an excuse to go back to being the recluse I so desperately have to be every once in a while.

I hope that one day, she will come to recognize that I am not actually evil, but instead a lovable, cuddly little creature- much like a fluffy bunny.


maegan said...

hey megan

i'm glad you made it safely to aaaafrica and things are going well!

that's a great picture of some cows

Sarah's Story said...

Holy deep rural Megan, where the hell are you? That picture is awesome. Your blog is definitely funnier than mine, but feel free to check mine out:

Mama Nancy and I are only about 10 km away from each other, but we are a ways away from the rest of you. I hope your family's kids are learning to be less scared of the white lady. Let 'em play with your hair. I did and now my posse of new kids are convinced that when white people die, our hair is cut and put on dolls!
I am definitely hiding out in my new place too. I think we are allowed to be hermits for a couple of days right?

Keep the faith sister,
SA-16 Baby!

texasuncle said...

Nice outhouse. Brick even; all we had in North Dakota was a wood one with no heat. First class :-) Just finished a nice visit with your parents in Colorado. Your dad is probably still licking his wounds over losing the family golf tournament to an older family member:-( Anyway it was fun but we missed your smiling face and bubbly personality. Don't lose that among all the misery you're faced with. Keep up the good work; we're all proud of you.

Megan said...

aw man, you guys.
maegan- thanks for pullin' for me to survive, haha. And it is. It is a great picture of some cows.

sarah- I have definitely noticed and embraced the power of my hair. Most kids seem to take to me pretty quickly, it is just a couple here and there that are terrified at the sight of me. One small boy today kept insisting that he is my boyfriend. He was barely three years old. Man, they sure do learn young.
I keep telling myself that "community integration" is a slow process ... there has to be something going on for me to go to it! And sometimes, there just isn't anything going on! My host sister took me to a tavern today, not knowing that I am not supposed to be there- but it didn't seem to be a big issue. I left pretty quick- I hope that the five minutes spent there don't tarnish my reputation and make me seem like a drunkard-harlot! But we shall see, wont we!

Uncle Allen ... man, you're KILLING me. But you're right, the outhouse is pretty nice. Of course, two days ago when it was storming, the entire floor transformed into a swimming pool- as did 90% of the roads.
Glad to hear my dad lost at the tournament ... we don't want his head getting too big, you know?
And I have to thank you for being a loyal commenter! Even though you're constantly trying to steal my thunder, it's still good to hear from you!

texasuncle said...

You're welcome. And I'm not trying to steal your thunder; just reliving old pleasant memories. Keep smiling and watch for the donkeys and goats on the way to the outhouse. (or the local tavern)

Kent Mom said...

Hi Megan,
I'm Limpopo Tiro's mom. I just thought I'd check out some of his peer's blogs to get more SA info. He speaks well of everyone in PC. I love the outhouse pic. We had one when growing up in Washington State that was also wooden. When visiting the old homeplace in Sweden their's was a 3-holer on the end of the barn. Thanks for the pictures.